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Sealion Strapped

Sealion Strapped

In Surfsailing, the Sealion Strapped is sharp in all wave conditions, starting from 6 knots of wind. In windfoil, it is playful and very responsive underfoot. In SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding), it becomes the radical shortboard SUP reserved for the most experienced riders. In Supfoil, the Sealion Strapped allows for quick takeoff thanks to its length, which provides inertia and accessibility. In wingfoil, the Sealion Strapped displays harmonious and ideal specifications for early flying with a lot of stability.


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Payment in 4 instalments

2-year warranty

14-day return policy

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Technical Features

Volume (L) 85 | 95
Length (cm) 213
Width (cm) 67 | 72
Construction Sandwich Carbon
Box Double Rail US
Weight (kg) 8.7 | 9.4

Size Chart

The Strapped is available in two sizes: M (85L) and L (95L).
We recommend the Strapped M for riders weighing less than 80 kg and the Strapped L for riders weighing more than 80 kg.