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Pure HA Fuselink

Pure HA Fuselink

The PURE 800 HA and PURE 1100 HA excel in low to moderate energy sources. They offer infinite glide while retaining excellent manoeuvrability. Their optimised shape provides plenty of lift even at low speeds, allowing you to sail under canvas or with moderate canvas. The lift allows you to stay above the water and move from one swell train to another.

The PURE 800 HA and 1100 HA benefit from the Fuselink innovation as well as a significant new improvement to the fuselage.

Compared with the existing Pure HA800 and HA1100 models, the fuselage of each model has been reduced by 20mm. The Pure HA800 has been reduced from 592 mm to 572 mm, and the Pure HA1100 from 573 mm to 553 mm.

The position of the mast has also been moved 10 mm closer to the front wing, offering direct and precise control and improving the overall handling of the foil.


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Made in France

Payment in 4 instalments

3-year warranty

14-day return policy
If there is no indication to the contrary on the product sheet, this means that the product is in stock. Delivery is therefore made within 48 hours.

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years (and 3 years for AFS Advanced).

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Technical Features

Front wing + monobloc fuselage

Surface (cm2) 800 | 1100
Span (mm) 1000 | 1100
Aspect Ratio 13 | 11
Max chord (mm) 100 | 125
Max thickness (mm) 11.6 | 14.5
Fuselage length (mm) 572 | 553
Construction UHM Carbon
Weight (kg) 1.8 | 1.85
Screw size 25


Size Chart

Pure HA800 Sup/surf radical foil, extreme downwind, wing
Pure HA1100 Sup/surf small wave foil, downwind machine, wing lightwind