Downwinding foilboard in carbon


High aspect board to enjoy an infinite glide.

Handmade product made in France. Due to really high demand we can only deliver this product 2 months after order.


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Made in France

Payment in 4 instalments

3-year warranty

14-day return policy

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If there is no indication to the contrary on the product sheet, this means that the product is in stock. Delivery is therefore made within 48 hours.

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years (and 3 years for AFS Advanced).

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Technical Features

Downwinding foilboard in carbon
Volume (L) 90 | 110
Length (cm) 6’2 | 6’4
Width (cm) 21″ 1/2 | 23″ 1/2
Construction Triaxial Carbon
Box Double Rail US
Inserts Yes

Size Chart

SUP FOIL <75 kg >75 kg
Blackbird 6’2 Blackbird 6’4
WING FOIL (ultra light wind) <85 kg >85 kg
Blackbird 6’2 Blackbird 6’4


< 75 kg Blackbird 6’2
> 75 kg Blackbird 6’4

WING FOIL (ultra light wind)

< 85 kg Blackbird 6’2
> 85 kg Blackbird 6’4