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Blackbird 7’6/8’0

Blackbird 7’6/8’0

Welcome to the fascinating world of the Blackbird, a perfect fusion of passion and bold innovation. Designed with precision for extreme riding enthusiasts, the Blackbird embodies the pure essence of performance, offering a unique profile and an unparalleled experience.

The visionary design of this board pushes the limits of aerodynamics, creating a perfect symbiosis between form and function. Every element of the hull, deck, and front and rear bulbs is carefully designed to reduce drag while providing precise handling and optimal stability.

Delivery mid-January/early February.


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Made in France

Payment in 4 instalments

3-year warranty

14-day return policy
If there is no indication to the contrary on the product sheet, this means that the product is in stock. Delivery is therefore made within 48 hours.

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years (and 3 years for AFS Advanced).

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Technical Features

7’6 x 19″ (6.2 Kg) 110 L
7’6 x 21″ (6.7 Kg) 120 L
8’0 x 18″ (6.3 Kg) 115 L
8’0 x 20″ (6.7 Kg) 125 L
8’0 x 22″ (7.4 Kg) 140 L
Box Double Rail US
Construction PVC Sandwich Carbon

Size Chart

7’6 x 19″ 85 Kg and less
8’0 x 18″ 85 Kg and less
7’6 x 21″  85 Kg – 95 Kg
8’0 x 20″  85 Kg – 95 Kg
8’0 x 22″ 95 Kg and more