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HR 80cm Carbon Mast

Ultra-rigid and Ultra-durable,

The AFS HR carbon mast provides direct sensations and instant feedback during each of your foil sessions.
16mm profile
Very stiff mast for even more direct sensations
Carbon HR construction

Ultra rigid mast

The thicker profile of the AFS HR mast (16mm) is there to provide more rigidity and offer direct and incisive handling.

It offers the best compromise between rigidity, glide, and durability.

This increase in rigidity will allow you to be much more efficient when pumping and surfing, thanks to a more precise foil feeling.

This rigidity also facilitates takeoffs in flight with no loss of power transmission.

Sandwich carbon construction

The layers of carbon fibers have been carefully arranged at 0° angles in the longitudinal direction to maximize flexural rigidity and at approximately 45° angles to optimize torsional rigidity.

This strategic layer arrangement allows for an ideal compromise between flexural and torsional rigidity, ensuring total control in all situations, including at high speeds.

One size for all practices

Available in 80cm, this mast is perfect for all foil disciplines, providing incredible performance in all conditions.

80 cm

Let yourself be carried away by the 80 HR mast, an exceptional and high-performance mast that offers ultra-direct sensations, easy turns, excellent maneuvers, and efficient pumping takeoffs.

Fuse Link

This system is based on a tapered assembly for a connection of the mast around the fuselage, preserving the inertia of the latter.

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