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Evo Pack

Performance. Scalability. Accessibility

Evo complete foil

The complete wing pack for those who want to take their skills to the next level, or who are just starting out and want to learn fast. Surely the best ratio between accessibility and evolutivity.

Evo foil

The new Evo foil, replacing the Performer, retains a degree of smoothness and accessibility essential to your progress, while pushing the speed and maneuverability boundaries.
The medium aspect ratio (between 7.5 and 8.1) and the wide choice of wing sizes (from 950 to 1650) allow you to evolve in all conditions, whether for flat water cruising, jumping, surfing or downwind.
The Cruiser stabilizer offers the perfect balance between stability, glide and maneuverability in all conditions.
The 85 High Module mast represents the ideal balance between glide, rigidity and versatility. Perfectly suited to winging, it can be used in all disciplines.
New Fuselink connection – Pimp your foil. Your foil can evolve.
All Fuselink ranges like Pure and Silk are compatible.
Light and intuitive

Wing D-Lite

Super-light, soft and intuitive with its soft handles, the D-Lite is the perfect wing to take with you in all conditions and on all spots, so you never miss a session.
Accessible and high-performance

Fly board

The 100% wing foil board with the best reliability/accessibility/performance ratio. A unique volume distribution for an equally unique glide.
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