Flyer ACHETER The foil with the best ratio performance per accessibility. the front Foil Chord The thick chord profile of the Flyer foil will allow works very well at low-speed flight. It generates lift very quickly and smoothly to keep control of your foil. the front Foil Aspect Ratio A slender, “High Aspect Ratio” foil. […]

AHD History

AHD’s Story AHD was founded in Australia in 1987 by Harry Germann and rider Tom Luedecke. The brand soon moved to the USA to continue its expansion on the famous Columbia River Gorges. 1990 Christophe Piaget bought the brand, repatriated the moulds and set up a production plant in Collombey, Switzerland. AHD marked the arrival […]


Performer BUY Glide, Smooth, All Round Three words to resume the Performer Range Front Foil Aspect Ratio Over the whole Performer range, the foil aspect ratio is between 5.7 (Performer 1900) and 7.5 (Performer 750). These elongations offer perfectly matched, best combinations of versatility and performance in each foil size. Front Foil Aspect Ratio Over […]

Pure 560

Pure Race 560 BUY Dedicated racing speed machine Insanely fast Reassuringly stable The pure 560 is the perfect ultra performance foil for Wingfoil racing and speedsters In development for a year, approved and validated during Weymouth Speed Week by passing the 30 knot mark over 500m. The more power you feed it, the faster it […]

Silk by AFS – Ultimate wave riding foil

Ultimate wave riding foil FEATURES + Huge attention has been paid to the smoothness of the transition between back side and front side turns. The ultimate flow whether it is in the strongest carve or the most flowing lines. The use of tubercles (bumps) combined with winglets allows to optimise low range, stability and control […]


SL-S The AHD SL-S range has been designed to give you total control in all situations and conditions allowing you to stay focused on your speed and trajectory. A compact board with a highly engineered hull that allows it to reach its maximum speed in comfort. Its shape has been optimised for easy release and […]


FURY Our AHD Fury are the latest generation of freeride boards developed at AHD with our master shaper Jean Marie Guiriec. The Fury has a straight outline providing maximum glide and a fast start quickly achieving highly efficient planing. It stays high on the water while being very lively underfoot: the perfect combination of performance […]


AFS Diamond We are proud to add further to our AFS Wing range and present to you our new gem: the AFS DIAMOND. After the success of the AFS WILF wing released in 2020 and the further arrival of the WILD, the DIAMOND now joins the AFS wing range. Extensively tested and developed for over […]

AFS WILD – More about the conception of a WILD wing

Learning more about the design of the WILD The WILD is the sporty range of AFS wings, dedicated to high-performance in high winds. Bruno André, head of development at AFS, explains the details of the design of this wing. Design To perform well in high winds, the WILD must be stiffer, stronger, and more durable […]