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Evo Pack

Evo Pack Acheter Performance. Scalability. Accessibility Evo complete foil The complete wing pack for those who want to take their skills to the next level, or who are just starting out and want to learn fast. Surely the best ratio between accessibility and evolutivity. Evo foil The new Evo foil, replacing the Performer, retains a […]

Whitebird 5’8, 7’8 & 8’2

Whitebird 5’8, 7’8 & 8’2 BUY The Whitebird range expands with the arrival of three new sizes. Two larger boards at 7’8 and 8’2 offering an excellent balance between accessibility and performance for Lightwind wing and sup foil downwind. The third additional size is a smaller 5’8″ for even more compactness. Whitebird 7’8 & 8’2 […]

Pure 700/900

Pure 700/900 BUY The best design to win AFS PURE foils are aimed at the advanced to expert rider looking for high performance. Whether you’re into serious competition or racing with your mates, boosting airs and tricks or you ride to carve and connect waves, then the Pure program is tailor made for you. We […]

Is your Foil whistling? Is it becoming a nuisance? There’s a solution!

Is your Foil whistling? It’s becoming a nuisance? There’s a solution! Table des matières Introduction The whistling of a foil often comes from square or splintered trailing edges. Once in the water and at speed, this creates turbulent flows along the surfaces of your foil. (Small vortices after the trailing edge cause annoying noises and […]

Diamond UL

Diamond UL Buy Diamond UL Speed and heading are optimised for light winds. Lite System The Diamond UL, optimised to make it perform whilst being as light as possible. The balance of a wing’s weight is essential when it comes to light wind performance. TTNT fabric (32 g/m2) is used, versus (50/60 g/m2), in major […]

Evo range

Evo 950–1650 BUY Evo Accessible.Uncompromising. Performance. The all-new EVO range can be faster and more manoeuvrable if pushed yet maintains a level of smoothness, stability and accessibility that is essential for your progression. Building on the success of our Performer foil range, the new Evo range raises the game in all aspects of performance of these […]

How to choose your AFS foiling carbon mast?

How to choose the right AFS carbon mast The mast is an essential part of your foil, so it is important to choose the right one. Here are some tips on how to choose the AFS mast that suits you, depending on your level, your practice and the navigation conditions. Table des matières Scroll to […]

Fly 4’8 – 6’0

Fly 4’8–6’0 BUY AFS Fly — Performance, Accessibility and Reliability Immersive board design The volume distribution is optimised and balanced to give a board with the best ratio of performance yet accessibility. The nose bulb provides forgiveness in the start phase as well as when landing from jumps. A mix of generous volume for forgiveness where needed […]

Cruiser, Pure or Silk : How to choose your AFS stab?

CRUISER or PURE, or SILK? How to choose the right stabilizers. Table des matières Cruiser The range is divided into 3 sizes — Small, Medium and Large. This range of stabilizers offers a good balance between stability, glide, and maneuverability. Performance-oriented and accessible, its profile provides glide, while its light arrow and progressive dihedral ensure […]


Pro BUY Ride like a pro Ultra-compact, high-performance board for demanding riders who want to push the limits. The shape has been optimized to reduce the inertia of the board, whether in freestyle rotations or waveriding turns. Fast, it is also the perfect board for racing in moderate to strong conditions being the board used […]

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