The surf foil certainly makes you dream and it’s true that it can seem a little science fiction, but it is indeed a reality. It provides sensations that are just crazy!



We may live in Brittany, here at Foil&Co, there are times when there are no conditions. This means that either there are no waves, it is ultra flat, or there is too much wind or not enough wind. The advantage of foil surfing is really to be able to start in a very small swell. All it takes is a little push to get you up and out of the way. There are sessions where you would not normally go in the water because the waves are not present or the wind is not present. In the surf you can go there. So you will save a lot of sessions. You all know it as surfers, that choppy water that ruins a session… In foil surfing, you can still ride and have fun.



This may sound a bit philosophical, but it’s really the reality. Part of your foil is underwater and you will feel the ripple under the water thanks to the latter. Something you don’t feel directly when you’re surfing. It’s really a feeling, a sensation that is almost indescribable, but incredible and allows you to feel the energy that is actually happening under the wave.


surfing to the infinite

Today, when we go for a surf session, it’s often two hours of session for 2-3 minutes of ride, of waves. The advantage of surfing foil is that you will catch a first wave, to be able to go up with the effect of dynamism of the pumping, to go to seek a second wave and to continue thus and to make a circle. The only limiting factor will be your cardio. You will therefore link waves and progress quickly.



Finally, one of the last advantages of foil surfing is that it is complementary. Just like skateboarding and surfing, surf foil will be complementary to many other board sports like wing foil, sup foil. Why? If we take the comparison in wing foil, we will do free fly. The foil surfing will teach you to position yourself well on the board, to play on the position of the feet and also to play on the pumping effect.