What is the "one pump" and what is it used for?

The AFS WILF wing has a one pump system. This system is a pipe on which a valve is added to cut or release the air between the central bladder and the bladder (leading board). This system is very useful for inflating and deflating the wing. Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn wing foil .


The advantage of the one-pump when inflating the wing

When it’s time to inflate your wing to go in the water, the one pump will save you time. Why? Well, quite simply, because with a single inflation valve and the one pump you will be able to inflate both bladders: the leading board and the central bladder. There is a transmission of air which is done thanks to the one pump.

Once your wing is well inflated, don’t hesitate to close the valve of one pump in order to keep one bladder inflated in case you pierce the other one while sailing.


The advantage of the one-pump when deflating the wing

When you deflate the wing, you will be able to block the air. The flap system will allow you to cut the circulation between the central slat and the leading board (as after inflation) and when you are going to store your equipment you will be able to deflate the leading board first, roll up the ears one after the other and keep the central slat inflated to optimize the storage.