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The all-purpose Summerboard

Full EVA deck pad and diamond foot grip.


The daggerboard plays its role in the slightest wind ensuring direction and stability. With this extra grip, the Summerboard glides across or towards the wind beautifully in the slightest breeze. In flat water or small waves, the Summerboard is simply a lot of fun. The beginner will appreciate the stability with the daggerboard in or out. Retractable in the 7’6″ size, a pivot Daggerboard in the 9′ and 10′ version

Foil compatible (AFS QUAD)

7’6″ Summerboard fitted with Twin fin and a US Track. AFS has developed a “school” foil, the Flyer especially designed to efficiently launch large training boards with much ease and enjoyment.

Optional footstraps first planning

Inserts have been positioned to be able to fit foot straps quickly and easily. They are there to learn and build confidence in use without necessity.

Option tandem

A thread on the front of the deck can accommodate a mast foot for a child rig. What could be nicer than sharing a beautiful day on the water with your children, passing on our passion?

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