What is the material reconditioned ?

The refurbishing offer was born at Foil And Co with a clear objective: to reduce our environmental footprint, while offering you even more accessible products. With this conviction, we have created a reconditioning workshop to repair and refurbish all our products that can be repaired, whether it is a returned product, damaged packaging or repurchased equipment.

The reconditioning offer is proposed for the moment on foils and boards.

Complete overhaul: when we recondition a complete foil or separate components, it undergoes a complete inspection and tuning in different stages. Our goal is to provide a used product in excellent condition, ready to ride

Recovery of deep and shallow scratches

Replace stickers when they are torn or missing

Varnishing when necessary

Verification of the correct operation of the inserts and the turntable

Checking the different docking areas: wing/fuselage – fuselage/stabilizer – fuselage

Change the covers when they are worn

Developed within
our workshops

This reconditioning is done in our workshops using the same tools and materials as
our new foils.

Warranty and

Your peace of mind is assured, even after your purchase!
All components of your equipment are guaranteed for one year.
And if you change your mind within 14 days after receiving your material ,
the return is