The 6 steps to prepare your wing : unroll, secure and inflate.

In this article, we will explain, step by step, how to prepare your wing before sailing: unroll, secure and inflate. Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn wing foil .


Taking the wing out of the bag

Be sure to open the wing bag so that you don’t pull on the wing and risk getting it stuck in the zipper.


Unroll the wing

Put your wing on the ground and unroll it: first the central flange, then one ear after the other. Place each part flat.


Stuck the leash of the wing under the pump

Once the wing is unrolled, a gust of wind is enough to make it fly away at the risk of damaging it. To avoid this, take the leash from the kite and jam it under the pump before inflating.


Connect the pump to the wing

Take the tip of your pump and insert it into the valve on the bladder. For more security, if your pump has a leash, you can attach it to the handle of the kite.


Inflate the wing

To inflate the wing effectively, give it a few pumps to shape it (do not inflate it all the way in right away). To place the sleeves properly, you can lightly tap the socks, this will allow them to inflate properly. Then finish inflating to 6-7 PSI.


Disassociate the pump from the wing

After the wing is well inflated, you can disconnect the pump and close the valve.