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A specific mast for boost your performance and enhance the experience of sliding.

Depending on the size of the mast, a rake is applied to boost your performance



Depending on the size of the mast, a rake is applied to boost your performance. On the 78 cm, a negative rake of 1° is applied. This rake allows you to raise the nose of the board slightly. This brings a stronger support on the front foot in flight and therefore more dynamism (downwind program, surf foil). The 85 cm mast is neutral and therefore versatile for foiling. The 97 and 107 cm masts have a positive rake to move the center of gravity back for a freerace, race program.


4 mast sizes:

  • 78 cm
  • 85 cm
  • 97 cm
  • 107 cm


The Performer mast benefits from a variable rope. This last one is widened at the level of plate allowing to increase the rigidity and thus the support at takeoff. The submerged part of the mast has a lower chord which reduces drag and increases maneuverability.


The Performer masts are between 14 mm and 15 mm thick. This thin thickness increases your glide tenfold. For comparison, an aluminum mast with equivalent rigidity is about 19 mm for twice the weight.
This indeed a lively, slippery and playful foil.

Ultra - High modulus carbon

All the know-how of AFS: quality & performance. The Performer masts, made of high modulus pre-preg carbon in France, have been designed to transcend your foiling experience with a significant improvement in your glide and performance depending on your practice. The use of high modulus carbon allows to gain in rigidity (bending and torsion) while decreasing the thickness of the mast and thus the drag to optimize the glide.

Performer range

  Performer 78 Performer 85 Performer 97 Performer 107
Size 78 cm 85 cm 97 cm 107 cm
Construction HM Carbon or UHM Carbon HM Carbon or UHM Carbon
HM Carbon or UHM Carbon
HM Carbon or UHM Carbon
Rake -1°
Thickness 14 mm 14.5 mm 15 mm 15 mm
Practice Downwind/Surf foil/Waves Freeride Access/Freestyle/Race Approach/Waves Race Approach Race Approach


The conical carbon monolithic fitting at the lower end of the mast allows a tight assembly with the fuselage without play. A set of three screws lock the whole thing together for maximum rigidity.

Lightweight and maintenance free

The full carbon construction brings stiffness and lightness to the foil. In the same way, you will not be bothered with marine aggressions such as corrosion that could weaken it.

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