Long or short fuselage, how to choose in wing foil ?

Size matters! Short, long? For which practice? We explain it all to you. Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn wing foil .


Long fuselage

The longer fuselage will bring stability and a little more power with the same stabilizer. Someone who is a beginner, someone who is less sure of his support, someone who has a rather long float of more than 6 feet and quite heavy, it will be in his interest to use the long fuselage, it will bring him more power, more stability.


Short fuselage

The shorter fuselage will bring the front wing closer to the stab and thus will bring maneuverability. Someone who is really more experienced in the practice and who has light surf foil type boards, you should not hesitate to switch immediately to the short fuselage, it will bring much more dynamism in the pumping and in the handling.