The choice of the wing size will depend mainly on the range of use you are aiming for. In a wind range of 10 to 20 knots, for a 70-85kg weight, we recommend a 5m. For a size lower than 70kg, rather 4m and finally for a size higher than 85kg rather 6m. In any case, it is better to increase the surface of the front foil than to increase the size of your wing for lightwind for example.


For a beginner in windfoil, it is best to start with a light wind that does not exceed 15 knots. When falls are not yet under control, it is best to move away from the other participants. Moreover, it is not necessary to let go of the material at the time of the fall. It is even essential to accompany it to avoid running into the foil.


The longitudinal position allows the pilot to easily control the incidence of the foil. To be able to fly over water, it is important to find a good balance according to the center of thrust of the foil. The boards dedicated to windfoil are the most adapted to bring more comfort. They also make it easy to perform in different spots.


Standing upright in both funboard and windsurf is necessary. However, for windfoil, it is important to stand up even more than when you are funboarding. In addition, the feet must be placed flat on the board. Once in flight, you can then look for the lodge. In the same way, when you are a beginner, it is not necessarily necessary to put your back foot in the strap.