4 tips for maintaining and storing your wing foil equipment

The harness when you practice wing foil can be useful. We explain you through this video and article the advantages. Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn wing foil .


Should I rinse my foil?

Maintaining your AFS foil is very, very simple. The first question we often ask ourselves is whether we should rinse our AFS foil. At AFS we have always been full carbon. Full carbon means no corrosion or oxidation, no need to rinse your foil, no need to use tefgel. It is only a small rinse with clear water. to remove impurities that may be created by hydrocarbons or algae.


Should I dismantle my foil?

The second question that comes up very often, should you disassemble your foil? Here it’s the same, you can leave your foil fully assembled. The only thing to check, especially when the foil is new, will be the level of tightening of the wings and especially the Tbar for the removable foil. When a foil is new, it fits really hard and therefore after 2-3 hours of sailing, it is possible that it is a little bit loose and therefore you should not hesitate to tighten the screws. Always check.


Storing your AFS foil

In terms of storage, there are several ways to store your foil. It can be stored completely mounted on its board. For this purpose we have made new AFS covers to store the assembled foil and board. We then have covers for the individual elements.