The choice of the wing size will depend mainly on the range of use you are aiming for. In a wind range of 10 to 20 knots, for a 70-85kg weight, we recommend a 5m. For a size lower than 70kg, rather 4m and finally for a size higher than 85kg rather 6m. In any case, it is better to increase the surface of the front foil than to increase the size of your wing for lightwind for example.

To facilitate your windfoil beginnings, we advise you to choose a long float to recover the support errors and to decrease the angle during the touches. The wider the board is on the back, the more power you can generate on the foil. This ensures great stability during the take-off phase and an ideal return torque when sailing. Experienced windsurfers can turn to more compact boards with small sail area to reduce the aerodynamic drag and therefore improve their windsurfing foil performance. It is also possible to choose a windfoil board that allows you to practice with a fin as well as a foil.