How to carry your wing foil equipment efficiently?

The wing foil equipment includes: the foil, the board and the wing. After observing the water, preparing your board, getting equipped, inflating your wing and attaching the leashes (board and wing), you can finally go in the water! But for that, you have to carry all this gear to the water in an efficient way to avoid letting the wing fly away or the board drift… Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn wing foil .


First technique to carry the board and the wing at the same time

If your wing board has a handle, use it!

Foil out (ideally and depending on the location of the handle), grab the board on one side and your wing on the other. Let the wing fly downwind, holding it firmly to prevent it from hitting the foil and risking tearing!


Second technique to carry the board and the wing at the same time

Technique that can be used for long distances: carry the board on your shoulder. It is a matter of catching the board on the rails and placing it on the back of your shoulder with the foil on the front. The shoulder is thus wedged between the mast of the foil and the bottom of the board.

This way you can hold the wing in the other hand, where it will naturally go downwind, ideally towards the back.


Third technique to carry the board and the wing one after the other

If you prefer to wear the board and the wing one after the other, it’s doable! Start with the board and remember to secure your inflated kite by hanging it in a safe place.

For the board, you can use the techniques seen previously:

  • One-handed carry: use the handle of the board
  • Shoulder carry: bring the board behind the shoulder and put the foil on the front of the shoulder
  • Carry with two hands: board on the side and foil in front of you, grab the strap on the outside in one hand and the mast of the foil in the other (picture)

For the wing kite, remember to attach its leash directly to your arm. Then the wind will depend on how you hold it:

  • If there is enough wind you can carry the kite with the leading edge handle, so it will be downwind without dragging on the ground.
  • If the wind is weaker, you can use a handle on the center flange, which allows you to hold it a little higher.

After you have brought all your equipment to the water, don’t forget to attach your board leash!