How to build your ALPHA foil?

Here we explain how to mount your AFS ALPHA Flyer or Carver foil. The ALPHA foil consists of a t-bar, a fuselage, a front wing and a stabilizer. Be careful to observe where the leading edge (thick) and trailing edge (thinner) of the wing and stabilizer are located.


Mount the front wing of the foil

For the assembly of the front wing, there is a docking surface to guide the assembly. You will have to position the wing at the front without forcing it, checking the alignment with the holes of the fuselage.

To screw, it should be noted that the size of the screws will be different depending on the thickness of the wing. The screws must not protrude from the other side of the fuselage. Once the wing is in place, insert the screws into the holes and make a few turns to check the docking. Then you can start to screw in, screw by screw, all three at the same time.

Indeed, the screws must advance at the same level and it is not necessary to tighten a single screw fully and then the others afterwards.

As you screw, the wing will drop down and fit into the fuselage.


Mount the foil stabilizer

For the stabilizer, there is also a docking surface but less important than for the front wing and therefore more difficult to find. With the thick edge of the wing facing forward, position the stabilizer in relation to the holes in the fuselage and place the screws in place.

Once again, it is necessary to screw in screw by screw, without going too far. Before applying the final torque, level off to make sure everything is on the same axis.

Then finish screwing.

All that’s left to do is to mount your foil on the board, and for that we have other videos on the YouTube channel Foil&Co TV or other articles on Le Mag’!