Maximum glide and radical maneuvers

The thinnest wing in our range

Shape of the front wing

Aspect ratio

On the whole range, the aspect ratio is between 5.7 (Performer 1900) and 7.5 (Performer 750), these elongations are the best combination of versatility and performance.


The slim profile of the wing has very little drag which improves the glide considerably. The center of the wing is thicker, it allows for easy and quick take-offs as well as flying even at very low speeds. The slim wing ears allow to mark the supports and make the maneuvers radical.


Like a seagull, this type of profile is called OMEGA. This profile brings a lot of stability at high rpm and allows to have a total confidence with a healthy support.

Made in France

Made of pre-preg carbon in France, the foil is rigid and light. With pre-preg fabrics, the carbon fiber is directly impregnated with epoxy resin during its manufacture. This guarantees a perfect ratio between epoxy and carbon, and represents the best quality process. Laser-cut, then assembled in a stack, the carbon fibers are then positioned in a mold that is mounted at high temperature, providing strength and durability.

Performer range


Span : 750 mm

Surface area: 750 cm2

Aspect Ratio : 7.5


Span : 840 mm

Surface area: 950 cm2

Aspect Ratio : 7.4


Span : 950 mm

Surface area: 1,250 cm2

Aspect Ratio : 7.2


Span : 970 mm

Surface area: 1,450 cm2

Aspect Ratio : 6.5


Span : 990 mm

Surface area: 1,650 cm2

Aspect Ratio : 5.9


Wingspan: 1,025 mm

Surface area: 1,900 cm2

Aspect Ratio : 5.7


This foil is available with either the ALPHA or the PERFORMER mast.

The ALPHA mast in 82 cm, is a lightweight and scalable. In carbon construction, it is ideal for progressing in wing foil. Its large string provides stability and control.

The PERFORMER masts in 78, 85 or 97, 107 cm have been specifically developed to boost your performance according to your glide. It will enhance your sliding experience!

The fuselage can be long (61 cm) or short (57 cm). A long fuselage provides control and stability – a short maneuverability.

Performer Stabilizer

The Performer stabilizers are developed to specialize in certain practices. The Performer SURF is available in 160 and 190 and brings dynamism to your downwind/freefly sessions. The Performer RS is available in 230 and 260 providing high rpm support for freerace riding.


Versatile, evolving and without surprise, the Tracer stabilizer is the all-terrain of the range. From 200 to 440, it offers perfect control to give you total confidence in any situation.

Lightweight and maintenance free

The full carbon construction brings stiffness and lightness to the foil. In the same way, you will not be bothered with marine aggressions such as corrosion that could weaken it.

Complete foil weight (front wing, mast, fuselage, stabilizer) on average – 3 kg.

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