The pumping foil consists in flying on a board equipped with a hydrofoil only with the force of the legs. The pumping foil is practiced on flat water (starting from a pontoon or being launched by a cable) or in surf-foil (as a transition between 2 waves). In any case, it is a very demanding technical exercise at the cardiovascular level.

With pumping, you have to make sure that the flows, that the glide is optimized. It is thus necessary to carry out the movement well even if it means going slower, rather than seeking speed by carrying out a bad pumping.

Try to be light, let the foil go up and down, it will accelerate by itself. You have to lighten up and let it accelerate. So you have to push on the back leg to make the board pitch up and put weight back on the front leg to bring lift to the foil and to take off or stay in the air. It’s not like surfing where you go up, lighten up and go down in the wave by forcing. On the contrary, it is: you pump, you slide, you lighten up, you slide, etc.