Complete foil

AFS Windfoil

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AFS Windfoil F Range

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Front wing

AFS Windfoil

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Windfoil board

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Tbar Windfoil

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Footstrap screw ahd/afs


Ahd Footstrap

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Stabilizer wedge


Screws and bolts pack

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The world of foil opens up new opportunities for windsurfing enthusiasts. The foil in windsurfing is a new generation of board sport that allows you to discover other possibilities to sail and start in foil. With more and more people following it, it is a trendy practice.

The beginnings of windfoil

As early as the 1980s, we tried to fly windsurfing boards, but it’s only since 2016 that brands have seriously looked at foiling in windsurfing. Afs foils has been one of the pioneer brands in the field. This acceleration in development has everything to do with the general trend towards foiling in water sports. This has even led to foil windsurfing becoming an Olympic sport for the 2024 Olympics. The practice is still evolving with the optimization of the fluid flow both in and on the water. The zephir project with Antoine Albeau is an example of this, with the ambition of going for the absolute sailing speed record.

Which windfoil board ?

To make your windfoil debut easier, it is recommended to choose a compact board between 70 and 80 cm wide and 100 and 130 liters. It is to know that the wider the float is on the back, the more it will allow to be in support on the foil what allows to assure a big stability during the takeoff phase. For experienced windsurfers, a board between 65 and 70 cm wide with small sails is ideal to improve their windfoil performance and enjoy the pleasure of this sport. Some boards allow you to sail with ailerons as well as foils, these are the mixed boards In any case, the majority of windsurfing foils and boards are nowadays mounted in deep tuttle box.

How to start windsurfing foil ?

Before getting started, it is essential to set up your equipment properly. If you are a beginner in windfoil, the back straps can be removed. Also, don’t bother with wedges at first. take a little speed, press a little on the back foot, and let’s go for the flight… in addition to choosing your equipment, it is important to take into account the safety rules to start windfoiling. For this, the wearing of helmets and impact vests are essential. It is also recommended to wear slippers to limit the risk of cuts to the feet. Find our complete guide to discover windfoil (practical guide to start windfoil)

What greement?

On the choice of the rigging for foil windsurfing how to choose? cambers ? without cambers? large or small surface? it all depends on your ambitions: race/power or lightness/ease. in the first case then rather sail with cambers, in the second case then sail without cambers.

How to choose your windsurfing foil when you are a beginner?

The windfoil equipment consists of 3 parts: the board, the foil and the rig.

For the choice of foil, there is a wide range of products to suit all participants. However, it is necessary to choose a high performance foil from the beginning. For this, scalable models are to be preferred. The possibility to simply change your front wing or stabilizer while keeping your tbar when you evolve is a real plus. It also saves you from having to reinvest in a complete foil every time. These usually fit with most boards. In addition, it is important to choose a reliable and robust foil. Its weight must also be light so that it can be flown easily on all spots. Carbon versus aluminum gives you all these benefits with the added advantage of not having to worry about corrosion.