AFS Performer

For an all-terrain practice.


Perfect for your foil surfing sessions.


Sup Foil Board


Shape TOMO

Starting at € 990


The Swiss Army knife board

Starting at €1,399


The Sealion Concept arrives in the field of strapping!

Starting at €1,499

Complete foil

AFS Carver

To learn to fly.

Starting at 1 766 €.

AFS Flyer

For a dynamic and tolerant practice.

Starting at €1,756

AFS Performer

For an all-terrain practice.

Starting at €1,726

Front wing

AFS Carver

For a low speed and wave practice.

Starting at €499

AFS Flyer

For an all-terrain practice.

Starting at 489 €.

AFS Performer

For an advanced practice.

Starting at 469 €.



For an all-terrain practice

189 €

Performer Surf

To boost your performance

189 €

Performer RS

To boost your performance

189 €



Long or short

À From 339 € onwards

Alpha mast

Evolutionary mast

729 €

Performer Mast

To boost your glide

À Starting at €899


Screw pack

15 €

Screw afs alpha foil platinum

15 €

Leash board afs right

19.90 €

Cale rake

34.90 €

Front wing cover


Leash board afs accordeon

34.90 €

Stabilizer cover


Cover tbar alpha


Mat cover


Fuselage cover


Belt harness


Briefcase cover


Paddle carbon vario


Sealioon paddle


Also to be discovered

Sup foil material

Just like for wakefoil, windfoil or wing foil, the choice of foil is fundamental to guarantee the best sensations. Thus, it is essential to take into account the surface of the front wing and the height of the mast. To start with sup foil, a mast between 60 and 70 cm is ideal. As for the wing, the larger its surface, the more lift it generates to allow the practitioner to get up easily. As for the weight and materials of the foil, there are fiberglass, carbon and aluminum foils. Carbon foils are the lightest foils available and ensure exceptional performance. The board will vary according to the weight and level of the practitioner. The beginner will go for a SUP FOIL board with more volume (weight + 35-40 liters) to have stability. An experienced rider will be able to take a smaller board right away. The paddle is an important element when practicing Stand Up Paddle. It is also used to practice sup foil. To guarantee the best sensations and to facilitate the beginning of sup foil, fiberglass paddles are the most popular. They allow you to easily absorb the efforts and bring the necessary strength to start on the wave. As for the aluminum paddles, they don’t have enough response to accelerate.

The different foil boxes

Please note that depending on the construction, the housings for mounting a foil may vary. We can find DEEP TUTTLE, PLATINUM DOUBLE US or TUTTLE boxes. It is thus necessary to pay attention to the compatibility of foil boards and boxes.

After the sup foil ?

The foil finds followers all over the world. It allows you to discover new sensations of sliding but also gives birth to many disciplines that revolutionize the world of sliding sports. The wing foil is the logical continuation of the sup foil. This is an almost identical discipline unlike the wing which comes with the wing. The wing foil can be practiced with your Sup board and your foil but there are also specific boards for this discipline.