Cambers or not cambers in windfoil ?

Some advocate them, others hate them, here are some advantages and disadvantages of veils with or without cambers. Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn windfoil .


Sail with wind foil cambers

Cambers sails will provide a more stabilized trough. This centered trough will facilitate the passage of the wind poles where stronger winds, which will help during the take-off phase. They also have a more stable profile with a cleaner sail attack. Cleaner in the sense that they will split the wind better. They will be more suitable for foiling, because we sail with an apparent wind, stronger than with a fin. In lighter winds, we tend to double the wind force and therefore need the finest possible sail attack. So in that sense, cambers sails are better for foiling.


Sail without cambers

A sail without cambers will give more maneuverability, more deformation, but possibly also more feeling. Some handling sensations to link the maneuvers, with the feeling of a balloon inflating and deflating in the hands. So it will be a good choice for people who want to be more in motion, rather than looking for the sensations of a very racy, very stalled aircraft wing.