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Pack access

Pack access Acheter Pack access This is the ultra-accessible pack that allows you to take the first steps with confidence, then develop over the long term with a carbon foil and high-performance equipment. Ultra fun Flyer complete foil The Flyer foil is designed to accompany your first wing flights. Its smooth launch, stability, control and […]

Evo Pack

Evo Pack Acheter Performance. Scalability. Accessibility Evo complete foil The complete wing pack for those who want to take their skills to the next level, or who are just starting out and want to learn fast. Surely the best ratio between accessibility and evolutivity. Evo foil The new Evo foil, replacing the Performer, retains a […]

Blackbird 6’2 / 6’4

Blackbird 6’2 / 6’4 BUY Precision Foiling Perfected. Experience Next-Level Performance High Aspect Board A drawn-out board template that provides unmatched glide with an ultra-early, takeoff capability. The wide edges provide pre flight, lateral stability.. Concave deck Precision, level and optimal foil control thanks to a hollow deck that brings you closer to the foil […]

Foil complet SILK

Complete Silk Foil BUY Smooth as silk Huge attention has been paid to the smoothness of the transition between back side and front side turns. The ultimate flow whether it is in the strongest carve or the most flowing lines. The ultimate flow whether it is in the strongest carve or the most flowing lines. […]

PURE HA800 & HA1100

PURE HA800 & HA1100 BUY The PURE HA800 and PURE HA1100, are extremely efficient foils that excel in low to moderate energy sources. The aspect ratio The aspect ratio of 11 for the Pure HA1100 and 13 for the Pure HA800 foils offer superior levels of glide, their highly developed, specialist and expert design also […]

HM Carbon Mast

HM Carbon Mast BUY Glide, sailing comfort, and control under your feet The AFS HM range will allow you to practice in all disciplines. Tailored mast lengths The 85cm length provides great versatility and tolerance in use. It will be the ideal weapon if you practice more than 60% in wing foil and the rest […]

Dockstart — SK8

Dockstart — SK8 ACHETER Pumping machine – any dock becomes an incredible playground! Expand with our dockstart riders, they had carte blanche to propose the ultimate dockstart board! With a compact design optimised for pumping, extended dock or beach start sessions, micro surf, wake foiling behind passing boats or simply being towed are all perfectly […]

Get Up 9’5

Get Up 9’5 BUY Discover the sensations of stand-up paddling in waves with maximum fun. Optimized Hull A long V in the underside allows these large and wide boards to be released. It brings curve to the rail line and amplifies the pivot. To improve glide, a long double concave tightens the rocker and makes […]


FIT BUY Discover the pleasure of l ng and gliding rides Glide smoothly A long V from the nose to the tail allows this very wide, stable board remain to be manoeuvrable with fantastic glide. The shape of the nose flows to create a double concave that tightens the outline on the front part of […]


KOOL BUY Stable, high-performing, rigid, and reliable. The Kool is THE board that makes SUP accessible to everyone. Easy waves The board is ideal for beginners who want to learn SUP on flat water or easily in waves. It is gentle on take-off, manoeuvrable in surf, and its raised nose gives confidence on the wave.It […]

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