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AHD's Story

AHD was founded in Australia in 1987 by Harry Germann and rider Tom Luedecke. The brand soon moved to the USA to continue its expansion on the famous Columbia River Gorges.


Christophe Piaget bought the brand, repatriated the moulds and set up a production plant in Collombey, Switzerland. AHD marked the arrival of the first production sandwich boards, with flagship models such as the race slalom 289, the slalom 26, the Swell City 250 and, of course, the Eliminator. A number of new models followed, designed by Roberto Ricci.

The Raceboard Eliminator dominated its category, with Sven Rasmussen winning the first world title in 1991. He followed this up with the European title the following year.


In 1993, it was on the new AHD 288 that Sébastien Carle won the World Championship in Egypt, before coming 2nd on the same production board at the World Cup in La Torche, demonstrating the efficiency of the new production boards against the world’s best prototypes.

1996 saw the arrival of Breton duo Patrice Belbeoch and Jean-Marie Guiriec (shaper). It was the birth of the ultra-popular Convertible 267, a Wave/Slalom – Trifins/Single shape.

It was also the year of a new world title for the brand and the first wave title for a Frenchman in the World Cup (P. Belbeoch).


1997 marked the beginning of an era of total domination by AHD boards until the early 2000s. AHD welcomes multiple French Champion and future World Champion Antoine Albeau with Jean Bouldoire in the shape.


Bruno André joins the brand’s R&D department. AHD surfed on innovation and new disciplines. This was the era of the first compact racing boards (Diamond), freestyle boards and Super-X “Maxxride” boards.

Hollow boards (NT) produced in Switzerland are a big hit in Formula!

Maxxride dominated the freestyle events: Antoine Albeau won his first world title.

AHD riders rounded off the podiums with a string of victories in different countries.

The best riders dream of joining the AHD team, which already includes some of the greatest names in the sport (A.Albeau, M.Pritchard, J.Taboulet, C.Moussilmani, W.Pedrick, J.Hawkins, Paula Daian,…).

In 2002, AHD relocated its production plant to Tunisia.

A change of shaper in 2003, when AHD welcomed Pascal Gerber and set up a new R&D centre in Tunisia.

Brazilian rider Kauli Seadi became the face of the brand and in 2005 he won the world wave title on his Kauli Pro Model!


Waveboards are becoming shorter and shorter and in 2006 AHD launched the Seal, the board that would become a popular concept in the future. The Seal is a 2m10 Thrusters wave board that marks the start of a revolution in wave riding lightwind…


In 2007 Thierry Pen, Jean-Paul Riou, Pascal Gerber and Bruno André founded Tridenn. This new company took over the reins of the AHD brand with the motto “innovation in the forgotten 0-15 knot wind range”.

Development is focused on low-speed take-offs and light winds with less bulky equipment.

In this lightwind niche, the equipment that allows you to glide is a 1m wide formula and a 12m!

The first AFS-1 baord dedicated to foiling is 100 litres and 65cm wide. And with a 7m sail, it flies in the calms.

Its shape is atypical, with an opening at the front that allows you to keep the rail length you need to glide in light winds with a low load-bearing volume. The opening reduces the impact of the wind on the board in flight.

In 2009, the first carbon production board/foil combo was presented at the Paris Boat Show. AFS will become a brand in its own right, with a production plant in Brittany.


The work carried out in parallel on the foil means that in 2010 it will be possible to surf waves using a foil, in complete autonomy, with the help of a paddle. The sealion can do it all: windsurfing, surfsailing, supfoil and windfoil!

For the rest of the ‘traditional range’, AHD is focusing on value-for-money shapes that are efficient and durable over time (Expressions, Fast Forwards, Zen).

Venezuelan Diony Guadagnino has embraced the concept and has been with the brand for a good decade, producing some magnificent images of the world’s different spots on his “DG Pro Model”, as well as some great PWA and Wind Challenge performances on slalom boards that are still performing well from one generation to the next (SL1, SL2, SL3).

The thousands of ambassadors who have supported us over the years will forever be associated with the AHD image.

Like Sylvain Hernigou, who has been riding our boards since 1997! We can’t list them all here.

Thank you so much!

As Foil became increasingly important, in 2018 Tanguy Le Bihan and Thierry Pen created Foil&co and set up a production plant in Brittany. Tridenn and Foil&co merge.

Foil&co takes charge of AHD’s destiny.

AHD is also legendary boards


- AHD 288


Sébastien Carle won the production world championship in Egypt, before coming second on the same production board at the world cup in La Torche.


- AHD 267

Wave/slalom - Trifins/single

It was the year of a new world title for the brand and the first World Cup wave title for a Frenchman (P. Belbeoch).


- AHD Diamond



- AHD Maxxride


Maxxride dominated the freestyle events: Antoine Albeau won his first world title. AHD riders completed the podiums and won in various countries.


- AHD Seal

Wave riding lightwind


- SEALION Concept

Fish, Wind-Sup

The all in one. 


- AFS ONE Board & foil

Windfoil, SUP foil

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