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An easy freeride board
and accessible.

Timeless models, these freeride boards are easy, forgiving and perform well. From the beginner to the advanced rider, the AHD FAST FORWARD is a fun and evolving board.

OSS Wood

We follow a unique manufacturing process during which all layers of fabrics, reinforcements, and casings are applied in a double-shell mold, then baked in a process that allows for ideal polymerization of resins for perfect reproduction and optimal weight/solidity ratio. The resin used for the construction of our boards is a biosourced epoxy SR GreenPoxy (more than 33% of the molecules come from plant sources)

Planning quick

Thanks to its length, the take-off is easy and brings a great tolerance in the maneuvers.


To offer the best compromise to sail at full speed and full control of the fin, and to take off quickly on the foil by limiting the incidence of the hull to take off quickly and without complex on the foil.

The long V favors aileron and high rpm for speed and control.

In this V, a double concave worked on the front part of the float retracts the scoop line to accelerate in its line and optimize the planning and the takeoff on the foil.

By flying the rail high enough, it absorbs the eventual touches with softness.

Program windfoil

Wide tail, external support to have more power on the foil

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