Learning more about the design of the WILD

The WILD is the sporty range of AFS wings, dedicated to high-performance in high winds. Bruno André, head of development at AFS, explains the details of the design of this wing.


To perform well in high winds, the WILD must be stiffer, stronger, and more durable over time. Thicker fabrics are used, and Kevlar reinforcements have been added throughout the wing to stiffen the structure. The X-Ply monofilm windows also provide an additional feeling of rigidity in the wing, combined with a larger leading edge in thicker fabric.


The WILD was created for high-performance in high winds, with more stability, more control, and especially more speed. The wingis high-performance in an overpowered range. In 2022, AFS finished three out of the top four in the global GPS wing speed ranking.

Comparison with the WILF

The WILD is slightly flatter than a WILF, with a more rearward draft. The WILF takes off very early in lighter winds while the WILD performs in high winds. To compensate for this lack of power in the lower wind range, the WILD needs to be overpowered. For example, when using a 6-meter WILF, it automatically becomes a 7.2-meter WILD.

Maintenance and storage

To store it, simply roll it up like a traditional wing, fold it in half at the monofilm limit, to avoid folding it. The sail bag is slightly longer than that of a traditional wing.


The WILD is a high-performance wing for practitioners looking for high-performance in high winds, with more stability, control, and speed. The design of the WILD was designed to navigate in the strongest winds.