Which leash to choose for wing foil ?

Accordion or straight ? Short or long? Ankle strap, handle or belt? We give you our advice to choose your leash in wing foil

Feel free to consult our complete guide to learn wing foil .



On the leash, called accordion, the main advantage is to have a leash, which even hung at the ankle, does not drag in the water.

On some leashes, a carabiner connects the ankle hook and the leash. You can choose to put it on your ankle or to hang it directly on your belt thanks to the carabiner. Using a wing foil belt to attach the leash will allow you to free your feet and not step on the leash or get your ankles caught in it.

Finally, the accordion leash, thanks to its “spring” effect, will also allow a smooth relaxation during a fall and not to have a blow directly during a fall.



In wing foil, we recommend to use a straight leash by attaching it to the belt. Indeed, in the case of an ankle strap, because of its length, the leash will tend to drag in the water.

If you get heckled in a wave, the straight leash, by its length, will have the advantage of moving the board farther away and foil avoiding contact with you or your wing.



When you choose your wing leash, there are two possible solutions: either a handle attachment or a belt attachment. The advantage of the belt attachment is that you have 100% maneuverability in your hands: you can row or do maneuvers much easier.